Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The 10 Best Moments from A View to a Kill (1985): Countdown to Skyfall— Nov. 9th!

Spoilers, of course. Although at times I've been purposefully oblique: if you're a fan, you'll get the references.

Here's my list of the top ten best moments from A View to a Kill. I've tried to pick actual individual moments rather than sequences. What are your favorite moments?

10. Bond, rushing back to his room, manages to make a flying leap to grab hold of the closing drawbridge.

9. Using the detached snowmobile ski, 007 zips through the water leaving the Russian skiers behind in the pre-title sequence.

8. Dr. Mortner and Scarpine fight over the dynamite.

7. Zorin shoots Mr. Howe.

6. The taxi Bond "commandeers" to pursue May Day in Paris gets sliced in half (although admittedly silly too).

5. Bond calls Zorin a psychopath.

4. May Day escorts the man out of the meeting on Zorin's blimp.


3. May Day, making her escape, leaps off the Eiffel Tower and opens a parachute.

2. May Day stays with the bomb.

1. Max Zorin meets his fate.

Hardly a fan favorite, I'm mixed on A View to a Kill myself: I enjoy its villains, action set pieces (save the totally unnecessary cop chase sequence), and thrilling finale, but it feels long and has a rather weak Bond girl in Stacey Sutton.

For good measure, what I think is the worst moment from A View to a Kill: the hopelessly coincidental check imprint gadget on Bond's person at Zorin's party: why would this ever be standard issue?

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