Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The 10 Best Moments from Dr. No (1962): Countdown to Skyfall— Nov. 9th!

Spoilers, of course. Although at times I've been purposefully oblique: if you're a fan, you'll get the references.

And now my list of the top ten best moments from Dr. No, the first 007 outing. I've tried to pick actual individual moments rather than sequences. What are your favorite moments?

10. Spotting "Freelance" at the last moment, Bond holds up his (Trilby) hat, obscuring his face from the photo she's taking.

9. Seeing Professor Dent about Strangways' inquiry, as Bond's about to leave, he steps back in and retrieves Strangways' receipt.

8. Bond tries to retain his Beretta by sneaking it out after being ordered to use the Walther PPK, but M tells him to leave it.

7. After escaping the spider, Bond dispenses with it, to appropriate music cues.

6. Realizing that Bond bed her opportunistically, Miss Taro spits in his face.

5. Dr. No, with his steel hands, can't pull himself up from impending doom.

4. In cold blood, 007 cuts down Dr. No's henchman Professor Dent.


3. The introduction of the gun barrel logo.

2. Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress, as the first Bond girl) emerges from the water in a white bikini.

1. Sean Connery inaugurates the self-introduction: "Bond, James Bond."

The strength of Dr. No is in how it set up so many of the recurring elements of the Bond movies; in terms of the series as a whole, it falls somewhere middle-of-the-pack, but it remains an always enjoyable film to re-visit.

For good measure, what I think is the worst moment from Dr. No: Dr. No crushes a (clearly rubber prop) metal figurine in an attempt to be menacing ("... usually when a man gets in my way....")

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