Saturday, October 27, 2012

The 10 Best Moments from Moonraker (1979): Countdown to Skyfall— Nov. 9th!

Spoilers, of course. Although at times I've been purposefully oblique: if you're a fan, you'll get the references.

Here's my list of the top ten best moments from Moonraker. I've tried to pick actual individual moments rather than sequences. What are your favorite moments?

10. Dr. Goodhead puts Bond in his place: "... we'd better get started, you don't want to lose time as well as the space shuttle, do you?"

9. The use of the 5-note Close Encounters signature.

8. When Jaws is caught up in the stream of Carnaval-goers, he just goes with it.

7. The scientists die from the poison gas, as Bond looks on.

6. As purposefully over-the-top as it is, I do enjoy Bond's gondola hovercraft ride through St. Mark's square, with the repeat gag (from The Spy Who Loved Me) of the guy looking at his drink (the second of three appearances by Victor Tourjansky).

5. Bond makes quick work of the knife-throwing assassin in the coffin on the gondola.

4. 007 helps Drax "take a giant step for mankind."


3. Drax notes that Bond missed his shot (at the pheasants), to which Bond shortly replies, "Did I?"

2. In the recesses of his fading mind, Bond flashes back to M's office where he demonstrated Q's latest gadget on one of M's oil paintings.

1. Bond is pushed out of a plane without a parachute.

Moonraker, like Die Another Day is hopelessly cartoonish, however, also like Die Another Day it's one of the single most enjoyable to watch of all of the Bond films, and I look forward to every repeat viewing of it.

For good measure, what I think is the worst moment from Moonraker: Bond's micro camera having 007 written on it— even for Moonraker's standards, just too silly.

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