Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The 10 Best Moments from Diamonds Are Forever (1971): Countdown to Skyfall— Nov. 9th!

Spoilers, of course. Although at times I've been purposefully oblique: if you're a fan, you'll get the references.

Here's my list of the top ten best moments from Diamonds Are Forever. I've tried to pick actual individual moments rather than sequences.  What are your favorite moments?

10. Bond walks out onto his balcony and rides the top of the outside elevator to the penthouse of The Whyte House.

9. The real Klaus Hergersheimer from G section arrives in Dr. Metz's lab.

8. Fighting Peter Franks, Bond stops the elevator with his foot, just as he's about to be decapitated.

7. "Welcome to hell, Blofeld."

6. Mr. Wint drops the scorpion down Dr. Tynan's shirt.

5. The flames rise as 007 is trapped in the casket.

4. Bond tricks Mr. Wint into blowing his cover, by exposing his lack in knowledge of clarets.


3. On two wheels, Bond and Tiffany escape down the narrow alley (continuity issue and all) in Vegas.

2. So she'd give up Blofeld's location, Bond chokes the girl in the pre-title sequence with her bikini top.

1. Bond uses his piston gun for something other than "mountaineering about outside The Whyte House."

Diamonds Are Forever is a solid Bond actioner, however with kind of a loosey-goosey performance by Connery and a weak climax.

For good measure, what I think is the worst moment from Diamonds Are Forever: Why, knowing that this was Connery's one-shot Eon Productions finale, did they leave Blofeld dangling in the air, instead of providing fan's with a great villain death? If this non-moment doesn't count, there's always Blofeld in drag (ugh!).

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