Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dick Poop's Oscar Nomination

Last year after the Oscar nominations were announced I blogged the following: "As for the reading of the nominations? When will the Academy ever learn NEVER ever ever to have the Academy president be a part of the broadcast. Love that reading of "you may know them better as U2"-- what feeling!"

Now we have the Dick Poop dealy. Let me guess: next year the Academy Pres will still read the nominations-- prepped this time like crazy-- and will STILL flub something.

My favorite wise-ass online comment was the person who said: "Honestly this wasn't Dick Poop's best work. Feels like a career nomination." HILARIOUS!

Close second, the Twitter comment: "Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Dick Poop."

Honorable mention: "Richard Poop seems overly dignified."

Oscar Nominations 2014: My Thoughts

Yesterday, I put together a list of my predictions for Best Picture nominations and I thought that Into the Woods might find its way on the list (it didn't and I'm glad) and that Mr. Turner might also make it (would have been a nice "surprise," although I haven't seen it and can't actually judge if it ought to have been [someone I know who saw it deemed it "boring"]). I predicted that The Theory of Everything and Foxcatcher, both widely predicted to be nominated but movies no one seemed to be satisfied with would get the boot-- was right about Foxcatcher. I also predicted that Nightcrawler would be deemed too "creepy" for a Best Picture nomination-- was right about that too. Was at least expecting some acting nominations for it though.

Although I didn't get around to making my usual blog post on most-nominated film my prediction was Birdman (which tied Grand Budapest with the most nominations at 9).

The "really lame" award goes to nominating Meryl Streep for Into the Woods. Please compare Rene Russo's performance in Nightcrawler to Streep. Even Meryl would tell you it should have been Rene in there. In fact that whole category is a joke except for Patricia Arquette who is a SLAM DUNK to win. Start writing your speech Patricia. Actually the entire acting race is wrapped up: Michael Keaton, Julianne Moore, J.K. Simmons. They should all write their speeches today, it's over.

The bad decision to expand the Best Picture nominees to up-to-ten strikes again: Selma nominated for Best Picture and Best Song. Which would suggest it's Best Picture nomination makes absolutely no sense. Except it is supposed to be really good.

Yesterday, I was also thinking that Birdman would take home Best Picture and Boyhood would get Best Director and that's looking a little more solid after the nominations. I thought American Sniper had a chance at maybe a Best Picture upset if Bradley Cooper got a nomination-- he did, but Clint was out, making that possibility highly improbable.

Still don't understand The Grand Budapest Hotel love. It will probably win for its only truly deserved nomination: Art Direction.

I haven't seen Whiplash but by all accounts it's the one to see. I hope to have my top ten movies and noteworthy achievements out soon, but can't guarantee a date because I need to at least see American Sniper, The Imitation Game, and Whiplash (and for acting: The Theory of Everything and Still Alice) before I can post it. Only American Sniper appears to be opening in town this week.