Thursday, October 20, 2011

New York Film Critics Circle Pull Some Nonsense

So the NYFCC has decided to announce their awards this year on Nov. 28, to best the National Board of Review.  How utterly childish. Does this benefit the movies? No. Does this benefit the public? No. Does this benefit the awards? No.

Let me give you a little history lesson NYFCC. In 1939, when the National Board of Review was ten years into making their selections, their quest for being first backfired big time, when Gone With the Wind wasn't viewable until its release three days after NBR eligibility.  What did the National Board of Review go with for Best Picture? Confessions of a Nazi Spy.  Here's hoping that in ten years' time you'll end up with egg on your face too for your stupid move.

What is it with awards-givers that they have to consistently ruin traditions (and things that aren't "broke") because some publicists had an "idea" in a brainstorming meeting?  Have some integrity and tell them NO.