Saturday, April 4, 2009

TV Series Not Yet on DVD

There are relatively few series that I'm truly still waiting for. So many came out that I would have sworn I wanted but then when they were released I found I really didn't care that much. So I'm a little more honest about what I really want to buy. Old TV is just too hard to watch/catch up on. Long-running series are just not watchable after-the-fact. It's much more palatable to catch an episode here and there of a favorite old show while channel-surfing, rather than attempting to slog through entire seasons or runs. But there's some shorter-run stuff on my rainy day list, like Twin Peaks, and it's nice to know it's available for when I get around to it.

I have a really short list of shows that I would buy on DVD right now if they came out. Unfortunately nothing has changed from last year's list, although I will add that I hope Murder, She Wrote continues to get its season-by-season releases-- there is just a few more to go, plus the four made-for-television movies that followed the run.

1. The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Seasons 5, 6, & 7. This is a terrific show. It stands up to its reputation. I've seen almost every episode through classic TV channels, but I was actually buying and watching each season the moment it came out on DVD for the complete experience. Then about two years ago, the DVDs stopped 4 seasons in, with 3 seasons left to go. The full run was supposed to be released this coming May, but it has been delayed for now-- I suspect this has A LOT to do with the VEHEMENT reaction from people on Amazon who were incensed that the last three seasons would not be available separately from people who already bought the first four. Wow!-- take a look at the comments: link.

2. Batman. The original '60s series has yet to come out and I do think I'd buy the entire run 1966-68. Is there anyone who doesn't find this show a guilty pleasure?

3. Crazy Like A Fox. This detective show was something I watched as a kid and although in my childhood mind it was a long-running show, there are only 35 episodes and one TV movie (made to test the waters for continuing the series: it wasn't renewed). So, for nostalgia's sake, and since I could watch the entire run again, I'd get it.

4. Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Another childhood favorite. And just 88 episodes.

5. Murder, She Wrote. This was a family favorite, and I'd like to see it become fully available. It has seen nine seasons out on DVD, and its been a steady release pattern, so I hope it continues.

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