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Ernst Lubitsch's Films: A Listing

Looking into Ernst Lubitsch's credits under the magnifying glass, I discovered that, since there are so few of his early films that exist, there is much debate over which films he directed. With that in mind, I tried to compile a reasonable working list for anyone interested in Lubitsch's films. Tomorrow, I'll post a list of his extant films, separately.

Ernst Lubitsch Films (Directorial Credits Only)

* Fräulein Seifenschaum/ Miss Soapsuds— 1914
* Blindekuh/ Blind Man’s Bluff— 1915
* Aufs Eis geführt/ A Trip on the Ice— 1915
* Zucker und Zimt/ Sugar and Spice [co-dir.]— 1915
* Der letze Anzug/ The Last Uniform/ The Last Suit— 1915
* Der Kraftmeier/ The Bully— 1915
* Der erste Patient/ His Only Patient— 1915
* Wo ist mein Schatz?/ Where Is My Treasure?— 1916
Als Ich Tot War/ When I Was Dead— 1916
Schuhpalast Pinkus/ Shoe Salon Pinkus— 1916
* Der gemischte Frauenchor/ The Mixed Ladies Chorus— 1916
* The Most Beautiful Girl— 1916
* Der G.m.b.H. Tenor/ The Tenor Inc.— 1916
* Seine neue Nase/ His New Nose— 1917
* Ossis Tagebuch/ Ossi’s Diary— 1917
* Der Blusenkönig/ The Blouse King— 1917 [11 mins. extant]
Wenn vier Dasselbe Machen/ When Four Do the Same— 1917
Das fidele Gefängnis/ The Merry Jail— 1917
* Prinz Sami/ Prince Sami— 1918
* Der Rodelkavalier/ The Tobaggan Cavalier— 1918
* Der Fall Rosentopf/ The Rosentopf Case— 1918
Ich möchte kein Mann sein/ I Don’t Want to be a Man— 1918
* Das Mädel vom Ballet/ The Ballet Girl— 1918
Meyer aus Berlin/ Meyer From Berlin— 1919
* Käsekonig Holländer/ The Dutch Cheese King— 1919
* Der Lustige Ehemann/ The Merry Husband— 1919
Romeo und Julia im Schnee/ Romeo and Juliet in the Snow— 1920

Die Augen der Mumie Ma/ The Eyes of Mummy Ma— 1918
Carmen aka Gypsy Blood— 1918
* Meine Frau, die Filmschauspielerin/ My Wife the Movie Star— 1919
Die Austernprinzessin/ The Oyster Princess— 1919
* Rausch/ Intoxication— 1919
Madame DuBarry aka Passion— 1919
Die Puppe/ The Doll— 1919
Kohlhiesels Töchter/ Kohlhiesel’s Daughters— 1920
Sumurun aka One Arabian Night— 1920
Anna Boleyn/ Anne Boleyn— 1920
Die Bergkatze/ The Wildcat— 1921
Das Weib des Pharao/ The Loves of Pharaoh— 1920
* Die Flamme/ The Flame aka Montmarte— 1923
Rosita— 1923
The Marriage Circle— 1924
Three Women— 1924
Forbidden Paradise— 1924
* Kiss Me Again— 1925
Lady Windermere’s Fan— 1925
So This Is Paris— 1926
The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg— 1927
* The Patriot— 1928 [approx. one reel extant]
Eternal Love— 1929
The Love Parade— 1929
Paramount on Parade [seq. dir.]— 1930
Monte Carlo— 1930
The Smiling Lieutenant— 1931
Broken Lullaby aka The Man I Killed— 1932
One Hour with You [co-dir.] + Une heure près de toi [French lang. vers.]— 1932
Trouble in Paradise— 1932
If I Had a Million [seq. dir.]— 1932
Design for Living + La veuve joyeuse [French lang. vers.]— 1933
The Merry Widow— 1934
Angel— 1937
Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife— 1938
Ninotchka— 1939
The Shop Around the Corner— 1940
That Uncertain Feeling— 1941
To Be or Not To Be— 1942
Heaven Can Wait— 1943
Cluny Brown— 1946
That Lady in Ermine [co-dir.]— 1948

Features as producer only
Desire— 1936 (dir: Frank Borzage)
A Royal Scandal— 1945 (dir: Otto Preminger)
Dragonwyck— 1946 (dir: Joseph L. Makiewicz)

*= lost film

69 Films - 44 extant
42 features – 37 extant
27 shorts – 7 extant

It should be noted that many films that are considered Lubitsch's "shorts" run seemingly as long as those (shorter) films that are considered features.

Lost shorts that some sources list as amongst films directed by Lubitsch are: Der Schwartze Moritz/ Black Moritz (1916), Das schönste Geschenk (1916), Leutnant auf Befehl/ Lieutenant by Command (1916), Fuhrmann Henschel/ The Coachman Henschel (1918), Marionetten/ Marionettes (1918), Das Schwabenmädel/ The Girl from Swabia (1919).

Some online sources credit Lubitsch as an uncredited director of The Honeymoon Express (1926; credited director: James Flood).

Additionally, online sources credit Lubitsch as co-director of Prelude to War (this is not confirmed in any scholarly source); Lubitsch did direct and complete the documentary short Know Your Enemy: Germany (1942), but it was never released.

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