Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Rescue Me" Season Five Starts Tonight

It's been an age since season four of Rescue Me ended (it feels like we're in season seven or eight as a result). But I'm just glad it's back. I'm asked by non-Rescue Me viewers if you can pick up the series at the beginning of a season. And I think this is a rare show that actually can be taken season by season. It will probably have a long shelf life when it finally goes off the air because of this, anyway as much as any old TV series.

The reviews of the new season have all been resoundingly ecstatic. I can't help but think, well after a year, it BETTER be good. This will be a 22-episode season (the series' longest). One hour dramas for me are better when there are 13 or so, and I'm hoping not to run out of steam on RM by season's end-- if any show can do it this is the one.

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