Friday, April 10, 2009

2009-10 TV Season Pilots

The pilots line-up has been announced in the trades. The log lines are ALWAYS made to sound boring and tired so as not to "scare away" executives with ORIGINALITY-- so it's really somewhat impossible to get excited for them based on their description, but trying my best to discern what could be good, I'll be looking out for these shows if they make it to series:

V. Re-imaging of the 1980s miniseries about an alien invasion. As with so many "remakes" it seems everyone just says "no-brainer" and churns out junk: hope this is the exception.

Untitled Ricky Blitt. Writer Ricky Blitt's pilot about a guy in his 30s who is torn between his needy best friend and the new found love of his life and her teen kids. Didn't think it sounded like much but then saw it stars Alyssa Milano.

Canned. Ensemble about a group of friends who get fired on the same day. Interesting nugget for usual 20-something shenanigans.

House Rules. Follows the freshman class of Congress as they begin their careers in Washington. Terrible title, but could be interesting.

The Fish Tank. A teenager finds himself living the dream when his parents give him the house to himself five days a week. At least its not about a single parent, right?

Legally Mad. David E. Kelley's newest ensemble legal drama about a seemingly sane woman at the center of a tumultuous law firm full of eccentric personalities including her father.

Lost & Found. With Brian Cox and Katee Sackhoff, centers on Tessa, an offbeat LAPD detective who, after butting heads with the higher-ups, is demoted to the John Doe division which finds the identities and solves the murders of anonymous victims. Love Brian Cox and if some of the John Does are accident victims and suicides (i.e. its not ENTIRELY procedural murder stuff), might have some originality over the myriad of other shows in this genre.

Other pilots on the slate include: Parenthood (Howard/Grazer adaptation of the film), Untitled Justin Adler (Mitch Hurwitz), Human Target (odd comic book-based item), Abfab (uh huh), and thank goodness! a revamp of Melrose Place.

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