Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"CBS Evening News" to Host America's Oldest Man

This Friday, as part of Steve Hartman's "Assignment America" segment, at the end of the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, is an interview with 112 year-old Walter Breuning (b. 1896). The oldest man alive in the U.S. (and the third-oldest man worldwide), he's a resident of Great Falls, Montana and has made the rounds in recent years on various media outlets, including News Hour with Jim Lehrer in February.

There's a clip of Mr. Breuning talking about the Depression on Montana's News (link). It seems these types of questions are always asked, but what I'm hoping for from Steve Hartman is something less historical and more cultural in nature. I'd love to hear Breuing talk movies. I mean, here's a man who was 19 when The Birth of a Nation came out, 25 for The Kid came out, 31 for Wings.

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