Friday, July 11, 2008

Seven Surviving Cast Members Remain From "Gone With the Wind"

With the passing of Evelyn Keyes (memorable in Here Comes Mr. Jordan— 1941) at the age of 91, a total of seven cast members with speaking parts are left from the all-time classic Hollywood epic Gone With the Wind (according to all available sources online).

UPDATE: September 1, 2010 blog entry: passing of Cammie King

former update: UPDATE: August 22, 2008 blog entry: passing of Fred Crane.

The surviving actors are as follows:

Alicia Rhett (b. 2/1/15) as "India Wilkes." She is the young daughter from the Twelve Oaks Plantation. She can be seen at 18 minutes into the film (using the 4-disc Collector's Edition DVD version of the movie as a guide).

Olivia de Havilland (b. 7/1/16) as "Melanie Hamilton." De Havilland was fourth billed and received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Gone With the Wind. She's first seen at 19 minutes into the film.

Fred Crane (b. 3/22/18) as "Stuart Tarleton." As one of Scarlett's suitors, he appears in the movie's very first scene (at a little under 7 minutes into the film, following the overture and opening credits).

Mary Anderson (b. 4/30/20) as "Maybelle Merriwether." She is the first girl "auctioned" at the Atlanta bazaar (where Scarlett dances with Rhett). She can be seen at 43 minutes into the film. P.S. This link certainly raises an eyebrow.

Ann Rutherford (b. 11/2/20) as "Carreen O'Hara." She is the youngest sister of Scarlett. She is first seen at 14 minutes into the film.

Mickey Kuhn (b. 9/21/32) as "Beau Wilkes." Playing Ashley and Melanie's son, he appears toward the very end of the film (216 minutes into the approximately 223 minute film [1 hour 48 min into DVD 2])

Cammie King (b. 8/5/34) as "Bonnie Blue Butler." She plays Scarlett and Rhett's daughter. She first appears at 187 minutes into the film [1 hour 19 min into DVD 2]

UPDATE: August 22, 2008 blog entry: passing of Fred Crane.

UPDATE: September 1, 2010 blog entry: passing of Cammie King.


maryspoo said...

Great blog and info on GWTW. I just want to nitpik a little just in case you want to be accurate.
You have a photo of George Reeves where you talk about Fred Crane, and Cammie King is the name of the actress who played Bonnie Blue Butler.

Oneliner said...

Omigosh! Thanks for the corrections, I've made the changes.

AllanF said...

Does anyone know what became of Alicia Rhett? She is never seen at the reunion events...Perhaps she still resents Scarlett?

Jeannie said...

I would like to post on your blog a message that the University of Texas Harry Ransom Center is trying to raise $30,000 through their web site to restore five gowns worn by Scarlet in Gone with the Wind. I want to get the word out to as many people as possible so here's the link: The gowns have been held at the Ransom Center for decades but are currently too fragile for public display. When gowns are restored they'll be on display at the Ransom Center and also sent to various museums around the world in time for the 75th annivrsay of the movie in 2014.

Thanks for your help!

Julia said...


First question, The link that raises an eyebrow about Mary Anderson, I just clicked it and it doesn't seem to work anymore could you tell me what the link was.

On Alicia Rhett, she is a very very happy little lady who seems to enjoy her life; she has a laugh like no other

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

For the record: Cammie King who played Bonnie Butler died on September 1, 2010.


Tom Degan