Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th! Time for a Classic TV Marathon

There's a lot of hours in between the BBQ and the fireworks— best spent with a little classic TV! I offer, Moonlighting Seasons 1 & 2. Moonlighting remains one of the relatively few classic shows that managed to get the whole run out on DVD, based on the efforts of an avid fan base. Season One was just five episodes, so, as with the DVD, I’ll combine the two for my ranking below. Season one’s best episode was “The Next Murder You Hear,” about a talk show host who is apparently murdered while on the air. Season two remains the series best season; although the single greatest epsiode, “Atomic Shakespeare,” would make its appearance in season three. The classic episodes of season two include: “The Lady in the Iron Mask,” the Orson Welles introduced black & white episode “The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice,” “Somewhere Under the Rainbow,” “Portrait of Maddie,” “Atlas Belched,” “’Twas the Episode Before Christmas,” “The Bride of Tupperman,” “In God We Strongly Suspect,” “Every Daughter’s Father Is A Virgin,” and the Whoopi Goldberg/Judd Nelson guest-starring season finale “Camille.” I’ll be revisiting Moonlighting over the next few blog entries and reviewing these episodes. Below is my ratings of each season one and two episode based out of **** stars.

MoonlightingSeason One
Pilot (aired: 03/03/85) ** 1/2
1. "Gunfight at the So-So Corral" (aired:03/05/85) ** 1/2
2. "Read the Mind, See the Murder" (aired:03/12/85) **
3. "The Next Murder You Hear" (aired:03/19/85) ***
4. "Next Stop Murder" (aired:03/26/85) **
5. "The Murder’s in the Mail" (aired:04/02/85) ** 1/2

MoonlightingSeason Two
6. "Brother, Can You Spare a Blonde?" (aired:09/24/85) ** 1/2
7. "The Lady in the Iron Mask" (aired:10/01/85) ***
8. "Money Talks— Maddie Walks" (aired:10/08/85) ** 1/2
9. "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice" (aired:10/15/85) *** 1/2
10. "My Fair David" (aired:10/29/85) ** 1/2
11. "Knowing Her" (aired:11/12/85) **
12. "Somewhere Under the Rainbow" (aired:11/19/85) ****
13. "Portrait of Maddie" (aired:11/26/85) ***
14. "Atlas Belched" (aired:12/10/85) ***
15. "‘Twas the Episode Before Christmas" (aired:12/17/85) ****
16. "The Bride of Tupperman" (aired:01/14/86) ***
17. "North By North Dipesto" (aired:01/21/86) **
18. "In God We Strongly Suspect" (aired:02/11/86) *** 1/2
19. "Every Daughter’s Father Is a Virgin" (aired:02/18/86) ****
20. "Witness for the Execution" (aired:03/11/86) ** 1/2
21. "Sleep Talkin’ Guy" (aired:04/01/86) ** 1/2
22. "Funeral for a Door Nail" (aired:04/29/86) ** 1/2
23. "Camille" (aired:05/13/86) ****

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