Saturday, July 12, 2008

Top Ten 1950s Films To See

A couple months ago, I composed my silent era films-to-see list. Catching up on a few classic films from the 1950s over the last couple days, I decided to put together a top ten of films I haven't yet-seen from this decade of Technicolor, VistaVision, and samurais. Here's my list of movies I've yet-to-see, 1950s (quite a few biggies out there!):

The Gunfighter - 1950

Ikiru - 1952

Gate of Hell - 1953

The Moon Is Blue - 1953

Picnic - 1955

The Rose Tattoo - 1955

The Nights of Cabiria - 1957

Throne of Blood - 1957

I Want To Live! - 1958

A Night To Remember - 1958

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