Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Dark Knight" Breaks Opening Weekend Record

By the time EW's Summer Movie Issue got its first few wrinkles on your coffee table, with a few soda can circles on its Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull cover, it was widely predicted that The Dark Knight, and not Indy would be the #1 summer movie. The opening numbers confirm The Dark Knight's dominance, with little else left in the summer to stand in its way. Now the question is, will it gross $400 million domestic and enter the very elite group of films that have managed this feat (numbering just 7 to-date). The film's only stumbling blocks are its length (2.5 hours) and the fact that it's not young child-friendly (as, generally speaking, the 7 other $400-millioners were). The tried-and-true bellwether will be the Monday drop-off percentage: will it be significantly more or less than 50%? I'm voting that The Dark Knight, length and all, will be an unstoppable "must-see" and will easily land in the top ten domestic of all-time. What might give the film that extra boost is an end-of-the-year Oscar consideration re-rerelease: something few summer movie blockbusters get. It will be fun watching The Dark Knight ride up the box office ranks—particularly with an opening weekend debut at #149.

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