Thursday, July 17, 2008

60th Annual Emmy Nominations

The Emmy nominations were announced, and as expected 30 Rock and Mad Men did very well and seem likely to be the winners for Best Comedy and Drama Series respectively. Pushing Daises got a lot of attention too (although curiously no nom for Best Comedy series).

In my previous blog entry, I correctly predicted four out of the five comedy series nominations (Entourage got it instead of Ugly Betty) and four of the six drama series (I only had five predictions: I didn't have Damages or Dexter which trumped my last-chance-at-a-nom prediction for The Wire).


Curb Your Enthusiasm


The Office

30 Rock

Two and a Half Men

BEST DRAMA SERIES nominations:

Boston Legal





Mad Men

Other reactions:

Pleasantly surprised by Bryan Cranston's nom (for Breaking Bad) just cause he's a nice guy.

Happy for Christina Applegate, who's finally got a hit series (as lead) on her hands with Samantha Who?— I wouldn't be surprised if she wins.

Lead Actress in a Drama looked more like the Oscars than the Emmys (Sally Field, Kyra Sedgwick, Glenn Close, Mariska Hargitay, Holly Hunter).

From what I've heard, and based on these noms, I think Damages is probably the best show I'm not watching.

Four out of the five Guest Actor in a Comedy series and three out of five Guest Actress went to 30 Rock— c'mon! And I love 30 Rock, but, for example, Tim Conway wasn't that good (and again, I love Tim Conway!). As a result, 30 Rock now has the record for most nominations for a comedy series in a single season— 17.

Would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see Charles Durning win for Guest Actor for Rescue Me-- please let this happen! (Plus, with 9 nominations, he's never won.)

Diahann Carroll is nominated for Guest Actress in a Drama for Grey's Anatomy. She has never won an Emmy but I think Sharon Gless has the buzz for Nip/Tuck.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 0 noms. Crap!

Miniseries/Made-For-TV-Movie categories: usual boring nonsense— retire these categories already!

In Treatment sure got a shot in the arm, with its four noms (three for acting).

If its the Emmys, there must be yet another category added to water them down EVEN further. This year? Outstanding Reality Host. So what do we get?: Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, etc. How horrifyingly embarrassing for Little Miss Emmy.

George Carlin got a posthumous nomination for his special [presumably he did anyway as exec producer of his nominated special]: he's never won an Emmy, so I expect his show (he and the other producers) will get it.

Saturday Night Live got 6 noms— the last time this happened was in 1994; the most noms SNL has ever gotten in a single season was 8 (this happened twice: 1977 and 1978). SNL's grand total is now 101 nominations. It will eventually drag itself up to most nominated series of all-time. This record is currently held by ER (122 noms— only 2 this year: and it probably won't remain on the air much longer).

Family Guy's Star Wars episode (Blue Harvest) was nominated for Outstanding Animated Program One Hour or More AND Robot Chicken's Star Wars episode was nominated for Outstanding Animated Program Less Than One Hour. Yeah!

And... Jon Stewart was nominated for hosting the 80th Annual Oscars! He's now the fifth host to be nominated for an Emmy for the Oscars, following Billy Crystal (multiple noms and two wins [plus another two wins for writing]), Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Martin, and Ellen DeGeneres. Will he be the second host to win? I think Don Rickles will probably get it (for his special Mr. Warmth— his first nomination).

Link to full list of nominees.

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