Friday, August 22, 2008

Six Surviving Cast Members Remain From "Gone With the Wind"

With the passing of Fred Crane at the age of 90, a total of six cast members with speaking parts are left from the all-time classic Hollywood epic Gone With the Wind (according to all available sources online). As "Stuart Tarleton," one of Scarlett's suitors, Crane appears in the movie's very first scene. Following his work on Gone With the Wind and his service during WWII, Crane picked up his career in radio and later television; and then for several decades was a Program Director at Los Angeles classical radio station KFAC. L.A. Times obit. Interview with Fred Crane at

The surviving actors are as follows:

Alicia Rhett (b. 2/1/15) as "India Wilkes." She is the young daughter from the Twelve Oaks Plantation. She can be seen at 18 minutes into the film (using the 4-disc Collector's Edition DVD version of the movie as a guide).

Olivia de Havilland (b. 7/1/16) as "Melanie Hamilton." De Havilland was fourth billed and received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Gone With the Wind. She's first seen at 19 minutes into the film.

Mary Anderson (b. 4/30/20) as "Maybelle Merriwether." She is the first girl "auctioned" at the Atlanta bazaar (where Scarlett dances with Rhett). She can be seen at 43 minutes into the film. P.S. This link certainly raises an eyebrow.

Ann Rutherford (b. 11/2/20) as "Carreen O'Hara." She is the youngest sister of Scarlett. She is first seen at 14 minutes into the film.

Mickey Kuhn (b. 9/21/32) as "Beau Wilkes." Playing Ashley and Melanie's son, he appears toward the very end of the film (216 minutes into the approximately 223 minute film [1 hour 48 min into DVD 2])

Cammie King (b. 8/5/34) as "Bonnie Blue Butler." She plays Scarlett and Rhett's daughter. She first appears at 187 minutes into the film [1 hour 19 min into DVD 2]

UPDATE: September 1, 2010 blog entry: passing of Cammie King

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