Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Four Surviving Cast Members (Speaking Parts) Remain From "Gone With the Wind"

With the passing of Cammie King at the age of 76, just four cast members with speaking parts are left from the all-time classic Hollywood epic Gone With the Wind (according to all available sources online).  As "Bonnie Blue Butler," she was Scarlett and Rhett's daughter.  She first appears at 187 minutes into the film [1 hour 19 min into DVD 2] Cammie King obit at pressdemocrat.

Although in previous blog entries, I noted Mary Anderson as living (per her IMDb and Wikipedia pages), it seems less and less likely that she is alive.  No one is actually claiming she is and when didn't list her on their comprehensive living people born in 1920 list, I decided to drop my own claim herein.)

The surviving actors are as follows:

Alicia Rhett (b. 2/1/15) as "India Wilkes."  She is the young daughter from the Twelve Oaks Plantation.  She can be seen at 18 minutes into the film (using the 4-disc Collector's Edition DVD version of the movie as a guide).

Olivia de Havilland (b. 7/1/16) as "Melanie Hamilton."  De Havilland was fourth billed and received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Gone With the Wind.   She's first seen at 19 minutes into the film.

Ann Rutherford (b. 11/2/20) as "Carreen O'Hara."  She is the youngest sister of Scarlett.  She is first seen at 14 minutes into the film.

Mickey Kuhn (b. 9/21/32) as "Beau Wilkes."  Playing Ashley and Melanie's son, he appears toward the very end of the film (216 minutes into the approximately 223 minute film [1 hour 48 min into DVD 2])

Among the non-speaking parts is cast member Patrick Curtis who appeared at a screening of GWTW at the Motion Picture Academy last year— he played Beau Wilkes as a baby (and was therefore born c. 1938-39).


Happy Knitter said...

I know this took a lot of research to do and I appreicate it personally I have watched the movie today which on the newer dvd versions you watch half at the intermission point you flip the dvd over
I wish my grandmother was still living she passed in 2002 I remember asking her once if she had ever gone to see it in a theatre and she said yes with 4 out of 5 of her kids she said it was cool in the theatre and the kids went to sleep (my youngest uncle born in 1956) obviously wasn't born yet...)
I remember when Olivia De Havilland had received an award on the 50th anniversary of the movie hard to believe she is still living I watched this movie on tv for the first time in 1974 and fell in love with it and never missed it on tv.......then when I was able to afford it on dvd just a few short years ago at $25 I snapped it up forfeiting my yarn budget it's a wonder I haven't worn it out.....I just turned 50 this year and I am thinking this movie still have a lot to teach us and the world about a time gone by...........

Julia said...

Hi! I commented on your previous post of living GWTW Cast members. I notice Mary Anderson is not listed on this list. It's my understanding that she is still alive. Also Greg Giese who was born in 1939 and played infant Bonnie and infant Beau is still alive

Debi said...

Will also verify that Phyllis Hodges Boyce, maiden name Callow, passed away in May 2010, aged 73. She played Bonnie Butler aged 2, who appears on horseback with Clark Gable. She was the daughter of famous assistant director, Ridgeway Callow. There seems to be no info on Julia Ann Tuck (who played Bonnie at 6mths.)