Saturday, August 2, 2008

"The Dark Knight" to Beat "Titanic"?

On many a film fan's lips is this very query. To the devoted it's a fait accompli. But some aren't quite so sure. I admire the bold prediction by Entertainment Weekly's Mark Harris, who in this week's issue said, in a nutshell, "hell no." (p. 20 of issue 1005).

My thinking is, if The Dark Knight should fall short of grossing $50 million on it's third weekend (i.e. this weekend), I agree with Mark Harris— that it'll become the second biggest moneymaker of all-time— over Star Wars, but under Titanic. However if it should gross over $50 million this weekend, I think they'll be no stopping it from toppling Titanic. Eager to see this weekend's numbers....

UPDATE 8/4: The Dark Knight grossed $42.7. Hmmmm.

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