Friday, November 2, 2012

The 10 Best Moments from Licence to Kill (1989): Countdown to Skyfall— Nov. 9th!

Spoilers, of course. Although at times I've been purposefully oblique: if you're a fan, you'll get the references.

Here's my list of the top ten best moments from Licence to Kill. I've tried to pick actual individual moments rather than sequences. What are your favorite moments?

10. M stops the agent from firing at 007, despite the fact that he's just gone rogue.

9. Wayne Newton's "Professor Joe" accepts Pam's bamboozling of him: "bless your heart..."

8. Bond removes the door and pushes the guy out of the plane.

7. Killifer hits the driver of the van with the butt of his rifle and drives the van off the bridge.

6. Bond grabs the oxygen tank off the guy he harpooned off Crest's yacht.

5. Sanchez signals his men to reel the shark-chewed Leiter up.

4. Bond throws the suitcase filled with money at Killifer, sending him into the shark tank.


3. Lowered from the helicopter, Bond "goes fishing" and snares Sanchez' plane.

2. Bond takes the 18-wheeler onto 9 wheels.

1. Cornered and deprived of his oxygen, 007 harpoons the departing plane and escapes the enemy frogmen.

Licence to Kill is an atypical but worthy entry in the Bond cannon, yet missing that je ne sais quoi.

For good measure, what I think is the worst moment from Licence to Kill: Memorable for sure, but Milton Crest's death is odd, confusing, and gruesome not to mention we sympathize for him; Pam randomly taking a polaroid picture using one of Q's gadgets and the photo "comically" showing Q and Bond's skeletons is a close second.

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