Monday, January 21, 2008

What Film Will Get the Most Oscar Nominations?

Tomorrow morning at 5:38:30 AM PST, the Oscar nominations will be announced. What is your guess for the film that will get the most nominations? Last year it was DREAMGIRLS-- any easy pick (and which managed the feat without being nominated for Best Picture).

Here are the possible choices for this year:

ATONEMENT: It'll clean-up in the Art Direction, Costume Design-type nods; however, it might get completely shut out of the acting nods (but has a chance at four). It received the most Golden Globe nominations.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD: Shoo-in for two acting noms (Day-Lewis, Dano) and all the technical stuff (Editing, Sound Mixing, etc.), plus Cinematography and Score.

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN: Least likely of the probably Best Picture nominees for most nominations since only Javier Bardem has acting buzz and the absense of a Score nomination will hurt it in the final count.

INTO THE WILD: Again, just one acting nomination is predicted (Hal Holbrook), but it could score two Best Song nominations. Unfortunately, it might not get nominated for Best Picture.

JUNO: Ellen Page and maybe Jennifer Garner will make the acting nominations; but less likely in such categories as Costume Design and Editing.

SWEENEY TODD: Might get complete acting shut-out: Depp is the only one really in the running anyhow.

Well, it seems like ATONEMENT is the one but I'm going to put my money on dark horse INTO THE WILD to score the most nominations: maybe Catherine Keener and Emile Hirsch will make the list and a Best Picture nomination could put it over the top.


Josh said...

Juno's gonna get some best picture loving, I'm sure of it.

Also, I hope Sweeney Todd gives Tim Burton a much deserved nomination (the guy works his butt off making the same movie every year). But seriously, he should at least get an Irving Thalberg or something in 40 years.

And wouldn't it be wonderful if "The Darjeeling Limited" snuck into some of those artistic categories. It's fun to dream!

Jeremy said...

I'm guessing "Atonement" will get the most followed by "There Will Be Blood" or perhaps they will tie.