Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Centennials 2008

As the years go by, the number of interesting centennials in the world of movies is on the rise, with all of the great studio players and film directors of the 1930s-50s reaching their 100th. Below is a list of some of the most notable, several of which will find themselves as blog entries from me this year. As always, revival houses and museums often base film festivals around centennials— I'm particulalry looking forward to the inevitable Bette Davis, James Stewart, Ian Fleming, and David Lean ones.

Centennials '08:

Jan. 10: Bernard Lee
Jan. 16: Ethel Merman
Feb. 1: George Pal
Feb. 22: John Mills
Feb. 26: Tex Avery
Mar. 7: Anna Magnani
Mar. 13: Paul Stewart ("I tell you about Rosebud.")
Mar. 16: Robert Rossen
Mar. 17: Brigitte Helm
Mar. 20: Michael Redgrave
Mar. 25: David Lean
Apr. 2: Buddy Ebsen
Apr. 5: Bette Davis
Apr. 28: Carl Laemmle, Jr.
Apr. 28: Oskar Schindler
May 6: Lucien Ballard
May 20: James Stewart
May 26: Robert Morley
May 28: Ian Fleming
May 30: Mel Blanc
May 31: Don Ameche
Jun. 23: Erik Barnouw
Jul. 1: Peg Entwhistle
Jul. 12: Milton Berle
Jul. 19: Lupe Velez
Aug. 9: A. I. Bezzerides
Aug. 30: Fred MacMurray
Sep. 4: Edward Dmytryk
Oct. 5: Joshua Logan
Oct. 6: Carole Lombard
Nov. 18: Imogene Coca
Nov. 28: Carl Levi-Strauss
Dec. 11: Manoel de Oliveira (still alive)
Dec 28: Lew Ayres

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