Friday, November 9, 2007

Writers Guild Strike 2007, Week One

The Writers Guild strike, which began on Monday, is casting a dark cloud over Hollywood (with SAG and DGA waiting in the wings: their contracts expire in July 2008). Hopefully an agreement puts film and television schedules back on track soon, however, the strike is expected to be a prolonged one. The 1988 strike lasted five months. For movies, the Oscar season will offer some cheer, but planned '08 and '09 releases will certainly feel the impact. Luckily for James Bond fans, such as myself, Paul Haggis submitted his screenplay for "Bond 22" in the nick of time. The Bond series has seen three of its longest breaks in recent years 1989-95, 1999-2002, and 2002-06. "Bond 22" is slated for release in a year's time on November 7, 2008. Time will tell the full impact of the strike, but for now, the town is begining to shut down in a big way for the Holidays.

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