Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Independent Spirit Awards Nominations Exclude Some Top Talent

The Independent Spirit Awards have been announced (link to full list), and as always they're filled with many movies you haven't seen/don't plan on seeing, but very rarely does any award-worthy independent work of note get left out.

This year, however, some of my favorite movies and performances were from independent films that did not see a nomination. The most egregious oversight I think is the supporting cast of JUNO, particularly Jason Bateman, Michael Cera (in photo with Ellen Page, above), Jennifer Garner, and J. K. Simmons. Also, I'm surprised that Christian Bale wasn't nominated for Best Lead Actor for RESCUE DAWN.

My favorite documentary, THE KING OF KONG: A FISTFUL OF QUARTERS, got the double whammy— it was left off the Oscar shortlist for documentaries AND didn't nab an Independent Spirit Award nomination. What a shame!

My favorite foreign film this year (so far), PARIS JE T'AIME (which may or may not be considered an independent-- but I think it is) did not get nominated as well.


Reel Inspiration said...
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Reel Inspiration said...

From what I see in the trailers, I'm really looking forwards to seeing, "Juno." I'm considering reviewing it for my blog:
I enjoyed your one line reviews. Do you ever do longer reviews? If so, please, check out my blog and see if you would be interested in writing something in the vein of inspiring, meaningful films for Juno.