Sunday, November 18, 2007

Denny Crane and Alan Shore

I was catching up on Boston Legal and I was struck yet again by how much I loved watching Denny Crane and Alan Shore. The Denny-Alan relationship is just the best male-male combo on TV. What makes the pairing all the more unique is that they're at the same level: they're each other's sidekicks.

The narrative benefit of series TV, unlike say a movie, is that you have the time to develop character relationships in long form, over the years of the actors/characters/and viewers lives. The drawback is the average viewer will only watch the show once and not get the nuances of repeat viewing, like a film. However, when done right, this one viewing can yield the lasting impression and familiarity of character that comes with watching the same movie once every year.

Denny and Alan are perfect for series TV. And for me, they're the new Maddie and David, less the conundrum of "will they or won't they." I know when the series ends I'll miss them more than I'll miss the show itself.

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