Saturday, November 24, 2007

"J'Accuse" (1918) and "La Roue" (1922) to be Released on DVD

Director Abel Gance gave the world one of the greatest silent films, 1927's epic Napoleon, which has seen celebrated theatrical, TV, and video exposure. However, little has been seen of his other silent films. At the tail end of an interview with Film Threat, Jeff Masino offered the news that his company, Flicker Alley, whose releases include the classic French silent serial Judex, is planning to release new digital editions of both Gance's antiwar J'Accuse (1918) (still above) and landmark drama La Roue (1922). The restoration is being carried out by Netherlands Filmmuseum, Lobster Films in Paris, Film Preservation Associates, and others. The films will feature scores composed by Robert Israel.

Both J'Accuse and La Roue were widely seen and influential films in their day.

Napoleon itself has not seen DVD-- perhaps it too is on the way.

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