Friday, November 30, 2007

Writers Guild Strike 2007, Week Four

Negotiations have re-opened this week but picketing continued at the studios in Los Angeles: CBS Radford Studios, CBS Television City, Disney Studios, Fox Studios, NBC Burbank, Prospect Studios, Paramount Studios/Raleigh Studios Hollywood, Sony Pictures Studios, Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Studios (photo, above).

Several feature films seem to be proceeding despite the fact that their screenplays were not complete, such as Transformers 2, presumably in hopes that the strike will end in time for the scripts to be polished.

Woody Allen is the latest celeb slated for the "Speechless Without Writers" shorts (by director George Hickenlooper), dubbed pretentious by some posters (who are actually sympathetic to the cause— see, for example, comments under Harvey Keitel short). The short with Woody Allen will show him silently sipping tea while a laugh track plays.

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