Friday, May 2, 2008

Summer Movie Season 2008 Begins!— Trailers Before "Iron Man" Offer Glimpse of Upcoming Flicks

These were the trailers (don't quite remember the order) that were played before Iron Man, and my reaction to them:

The Dark Knight: Decent trailer but still it's very hard to gauge the most critical aspect of the film: Heath Ledger's performance. The creepy make-up is great but the clips shown don't necessarily suggest a great performance, nor do they suggest a bad one. Bottom line: outlook murky.

Hulk: Still looks too CGI to me. Trailer reveals typical fight between Hulk and Hulk-like baddie. Did not "up" my interest in any way.

The Love Guru: Trailer doesn't have a single funny moment in it. Mike Myers seems to be fighting himself from slipping into "Austin Powers." Just awful.

The Spirit: Teaser for January 2009 Frank Miller film didn't offer anything that couldn't have been a Sin City out take; but I was a fan of Sin City so it's peaked my interest.

Indiana Jones: Great trailer thankfully doesn't reveal too much but instead does what a trailer ought to do: get you excited. Can't wait for Memorial Day Weekend!

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