Thursday, May 15, 2008

Criterion Releases Obscure Powell & Pressburger Title "The Small Back Room"

Every time Criterion releases its new slate of films, I get all gung ho about revisiting a director's work. Although I own the Criterion Black Narcissus, it's really the only one of their titles that I've seen since taking in a megamarathon of their films at the Film Forum in New York years back. Now Criterion puts out a title that is surely one of their most obscure: The Small Back Room. This movie gets a *** 1/2 star rating from the Leonard Maltin Guide plus Maltin warns "beware of edited prints"-- so it's nice to know that it got the Criterion treatment. Still thinking about Tati's Playtime or Trafic though; maybe I'll do a mini P&P before year's end.

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