Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Robert Downey Jr. and Box Office

Someone was telling me that Iron Man's weekend gross was bigger than all of Robert Downey Jr.'s previous movies' grosses combined. Well, that's not quite true. But when you look at Downey's last decade, you do see how significant Iron Man is to introducing Downey to a mass audience.

Robert Downey Jr.'s films grosses 1998-2008 (per
Charlie Bartlett $3,950, 984
Lucky You $5,758,950
Zodiac $33,080,084
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints ?
Fur $223,202
A Scanner Darkly $5,501,616
The Shaggy Dog $61,123,569
Good Night and Good Luck $31,558,003
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang $4,243,756
Game 6 $129,664
Eros $188,392
Gothika $59,694,580
The Singing Detective $337,174
Whatever We Do ?
Lethargy ?
Auto Motives ?
Wonder Boys $19,393,557
Black and White $5,277,299
Bowfinger $66,384,775
Friends and Lovers $33,543
In Dreams $12,017,369
U.S. Marshals $57,167,405
The Gingerbread Man $1,677,131

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