Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Season Finales 2008

With Boston Legal's finale tonight, the '07-'08 TV season has wrapped up for me. Below are my comments on the shows that I watch that wrapped this month:

Family Guy: I didn't even know I was watching the season finale when it was on-- although it was a funny one (the one with Peter as a pirate). I had hoped for a Empire Strikes Back parody as the finale, now I REALLY hope this will be the September season opener. I have to say I want to see all six films done-- I loved the Star Wars episode ("Get your fat space ass back here"/ "This is Han Solo with the midnight shift"/ "Then rot in here you stuck up bitch", etc.)

30 Rock: A funny end to a terrific show-- it's getting better and better. The strike didn't tarnish it a bit. "I wolfed my teamsters sub for you."/"Wait is that an expression?"

The Office: Well, I think the strike tarnished this show a bit-- it's just a little off. But it's still pretty funny. I wish they'd skip these hour-long episodes and just stick to the thirty minute format. I'm debating whether or not I care that much to watch the summer webisodes. I really believe in a mostly TV-free summer. Time for some of that good old-fashioned sun.

SNL: Not a very good year per se. Liked the political stuff a lot though-- actually now that I think about it, the political stuff made the season decent. John McCain surely got more laughs than Steve Carrell in the season finale. One of my favorite sketches all year was the "twin" girls sketch with Kristen Wiig and Amy Adams ("I'm here to take your stupid class about garbage!")

Survivor: I wrote a whole blog entry about this. Survivor had a rocky path to a good year.

Beauty and the Geek: Not a great season. After the make-over, the geeks didn't improve much. But I think it pulled it out in the end.... only to get a cancelation notice! Kinda bummed it's over.

Rules of Engagement: I hope this comes back as a mid-season replacement in '09 as announced-- I laugh at every episode. Season finale was up-to-par; when the model announces that she's getting back together with her boyfriend and Russell immediately kicks everyone out of the apartment I cracked up!

American Idol: Was not a huge fan of the season (watching this show ever-increasingly in fast-forward). Kristy Lee Cook was so gorgeous it kept me going while she lasted. I wanted David Cook to win so I'm happy about that; when Simon "apologized" to him just before the results announcement it was so obvious he won-- Simon never ever would have done that otherwise.

Boston Legal: Season finale was just fine, but the episodes leading up to it were top-notch: the Supreme Court one and Shirley's nephew one in particular. Sucks that ABC has announced that next season-- season five-- will be the show's last. It really deserved the 7 season gold standard. Maybe a reprieve will occur (but I doubt it: Stephen McPherson made the announcement and he's turning into a Leslie Moonves). has reported on this.

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