Sunday, April 6, 2008

Heston Passes, Leaving One Best Actor from the '50s

With the death of 1959 Best Actor Charlton Heston, only one Best (lead) Actor remains from the 1950s: Ernest Borgnine. Borgnine, who won his Oscar for the title role in 1955's Marty received a surprise Golden Globe nomination this year for the television movie A Grandpa For Christmas (photo left).

When the WGA went on strike, Borgnine was quoted as saying that he was still going to go to the awards show. The show was canceled opting for a televised "press conference"/pseudo-show, and Borgnine lost anyway. Now, Borgnine says that with his total movie tally at 198 feature films and television movies [although imdb lists far less], he hopes, despite being 91-years-old, to make at least 2 more movies and reach the 200-films mark.

Good luck, Ernie!

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