Tuesday, April 22, 2008

EW's Summer Movie Preview: The Fine Print

As always, within Entertainment Weekly's summer movies issue is that little box at the end of each month's listing from May to August in which the "smaller" movies get a half-sentence to sentence mention. Usually, they deserve the little mention that they get. But I've slogged through and below is a list of what looks like the most interesting contenders of the group.

The Fall (imdb link) (trailer) (wikipedia link)

Bigger, Stronger, Faster (imdb link) (wikipedia link)

The Unknown Woman (imdb link) (trailer) (wikipedia link)

Trumbo (imdb link)

Religulous (imdb link) (Bill Maher on Larry King You Tube link)

Boy A (imdb link) (wikipedia link)

Choke (imdb link) (wikipedia link)

1 comment:

Joe said...

I'm really excited for Choke too. The word from the festival circuit is really strong and I love Sam Rockwell. I wonder if it'll go the same way as Fight Club, though - as much as it's become a success on the College/cult circuit, it would be nice if these sort of counterculture films get some box office dough as well.

Perhaps they should play off the inevitable religious controversy?