Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One Line Review's Top Ten Movie Posters of 2008

#1.) THE DARK KNIGHT - TEASER. Perfectly captures the mood you'd want for THE DARK KNIGHT. Appropriately menacing and disturbing without being offputting. In person it's even better.

#2.) THE BANK JOB. Retro and stylish.

#3.) ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO. Funny and daring, and just tame enough to get past the censor-- too bad it didn't! And you gotta love the absence of a tag line when you've got COMING SOON.

#4.) W. - TEASER. Nice image. Plus, it was a movie with a heightened anticipation, so the perfect tag.

#5.) GET SMART - TEASER. Another funny Steve Carrell poster! With all the possible choices, this was the way to go. It features the stars and the humor, without being corny.

#6.) DOUBT. The use of color around the border of the cross is startling. The idea of not featuring the star-studded cast WAS the way to go.

#7.) STEP BROTHERS. Trumped a bit by a similar idea for THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN, but still, it works.

#8.) SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. Kinetic and illustrative of the film. Nice splash of color for a Bollywood import.

#9.) FUNNY GAMES. Striking. Gets its point across.

#10.) MY WINNIPEG. The tag is hopelessly overused, but the image dares you to check out the movie.

HM.) 27 DRESSES. Actually takes a chance and breaks the mold for the usual romatic comedy poster.

HM.) FOOL'S GOLD. Shows off it's atractive leads without being obvious; a nice touch with the gold.

HM.) VALKYRIE. Smart and interesting, willing to be more graphic art than photographic art sa with most movie posters.

HM.) THE VISITOR. Takes a well worn concept and pulls off a solid campaign for a "small" film.

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