Friday, January 2, 2009

Centennials 2009

As the years go by, the number of interesting centennials in the world of movies is on the rise, with all of the great studio players and film directors of the 1930s-50s reaching their 100th. Below is a list of some of the most notable (and a few other related ones), several of which will find themselves as blog entries from me this year. As always, revival houses and museums often base film festivals around centennials— would be cool to see a Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Julius & Philip Epstein, Elia Kazan, or Robert Ryan series.

Jan 1: Dana Andrews
Jan 3: Victor Borge
Jan 14: Joseph Losey
Jan 22: Ann Sothern
Jan 24: Ann Todd
Feb 3: Dorothy Spencer
Feb 9: Carmen Miranda
Feb 11: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Feb 16: Hugh Beaumont
April 5: Albert R. Broccoli
April 20: George Tomasini
April 29: Tom Ewell
May 4: Howard Da Silva
May 15: James Mason
May 16: Margaret Sullavan
May 26: Richard Maibaum
May 27: Dolores Hope (still alive)
May 30: Benny Goodman
June 20: Errol Flynn [photo, above]
June 22: Buddy Adler
June 22: Mike Todd
June 26: Wolfgang Reitherman
June 28: Eric Ambler
July 4: Robert Burks
July 14: Annabella
July 26: Vivian Vance
August 18: Marcel Carne
August 22: Julius J. & Philip G. Epstein
August 25: Ruby Keeler
August 25: Michael Rennie
September 7: Elia Kazan
September 13: Herbert Berghof
September 22: Allan Lane
September 28: Al Capp
October 10: Robert F. Boyle (still alive)
October 20: Carla Laemmle (still alive)
November 11: Robert Ryan
November 13: Gunnar Bjornstrand
November 18: Johnny Mercer
November 26: Frances Dee
November 27: James Agee
December 7: Arch Oboler
December 9: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
December 10: Hermes Pan
December 12: Karen Morley

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