Thursday, February 14, 2008

Woody Allen is Back in New York City-- and With Larry David

After another flop with CASSANDRA'S DREAM (critically panned AND his worst commercial disaster since SEPTEMBER— it hasn't even grossed $1 million domestic [SHADOWS AND FOG managed $2.7 million in 1992, to give a little perspective]), Woody Allen somehow has a bright future. 72-year-old Allen has another film coming out this year, just signed a three-picture deal (financed in Spain), and, in between, he'll return to native New York City. That's what I'm most excited about, especially since his New York film will star Larry David. This is a possible match made in movie heaven. At the very least it will get some attention. And maybe Woody will ramp things up and not lazy-out with his stilted all-in-medium-shot technique of non-directing. Yes, I've been frustrated with the Allen output for some time. Just one good film in the last ten years (the terrific MATCH POINT). The Larry David-starrer shoots in the Spring and also features Evan Rachel Wood. Fingers crossed.

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RC said...

larry david in a woody allen film certainly is an intriguing match.