Tuesday, February 26, 2008

80th Annual Academy Awards: Interesting Facts

With the Awards over, here are some statistics about the winners:

• For only the second year in Oscar history have all four acting winners been of foreign descent. The only other time was for films 1964: Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews, Peter Ustinov, Lila Kedrova.

• Marion Cotillard is the first winner ever for a French-speaking performance.

• Marion Cotillard is the second Best Actress winner ever for a foreign-language performance; the first was Sophia Loren for TWO WOMEN (1961).

• Of the 11 times an actor has been nominated in both lead and supporting categories in the same year, Cate Blanchett joins the losers of both, making it 7 to 4 in favor of the winners.

• The Coen Brothers are only the second "duo" to win Best Director (following Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins for WEST SIDE STORY [1961]).

• Austria won its first Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with THE COUNTERFEITERS.

• ENCHANTED joins last year's DREAMGIRLS as the two films that received three Best Song nominations but failed to take the category (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and THE LION KING are the only other films to get three nonminations— both won the award).

• Kevin O'Connell, Oscar's "biggest loser" after twenty nominations and no wins, retains his unfortunate title having lost for Best Sound for TRANSFORMERS.

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