Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ebert & Roeper: If We Picked the Winners... Online

Michael Phillips and Richard Roeper did the annual show as an online webisode. I won't reveal what they picked (especially since there are many surprises). I've seen 18/20 performances (I didn't see Tommy Lee Jones' performance in IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH or Cate Blanchett in ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE), in this record-breaking year of 18 films represented in the acting categories. I've seen all the Picture and Director nominees. And here are...

my picks:

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis in THERE WILL BE BLOOD
Best Actress: Julie Christie in AWAY FROM HER
Best Supporting Actor: Hal Holbrook in INTO THE WILD
Best Supporting Actress:Amy Ryan in GONE, BABY GONE
Best Director: Jason Reitman for JUNO
Best Picture: JUNO

Link to Ebert & Roeper webisode.

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