Thursday, December 6, 2007

Richard Roeper Does Live Chat

Richard Roeper did a live chat and the transcript is available on the Ebert & Roeper website. I didn't think this was earth-shaking but I enjoyed his answers and it's nice that they did it-- especially if at some future date you think of a question and can scribble it down in anticipation of a future "chat." It's a little strange that they're not doing one of these with Ebert! I think this might have to do with the contract negotiations-- especially since, theoreticaly they could have Ebert & Roeper do a "text-only" show on the internet "live"-- that would be cool.

Roeper references a Dec. 15th show in regard to the new Blade Runner cut--I'm curious to hear his opinion. As dubious as I was about there being yet ANOTHER cut of this movie, its supposed to be quite worthwhile.

I was interested to hear that Roeper knew Gene Siskel. Here is his response to a question about knowing him: ROEPER: "Gene and I were friendly colleagues. I'd see him in the screening room or at a Bulls game or a restaurant, and he was always offering advice about what I should do next with my TV career. (At the time I was doing commentary for the local Fox affiliate, and Gene was on the CBS affiliate.) When Roger and Gene celebrated their 20th anniversary, they agreed (!) that I should be the one to interview them. Given Gene's incredibly competitive nature, the fact that he would agree to have a Sun-Times guy do the interview was a huge compliment to me. "

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