Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another Season of "Beauty and the Geek"

Whodathunk that Beauty and the Geek would turn out to be such a watchable show. Its not quite the "social experiment" it claims to be and its more like "Bimbo and the Geek," as the show only casts pretty dumb girls (and gives them intelligence quizzes); however, it does show how narrowminded everyone is about these two social stereotypes. This season the "twist" was to have a male beauty and a female geek join the crew and it worked out pretty well-- all the girls wanted the Beauty Guy and all the geeks wanted the Geeky Girl (in spite of the hotties surrounding them). No one really "grows" too much: what happens is a few geeks learn to adapt to society and "fit in" better, generally based on looks (i.e. each season the geeks get a "makeover"). I don't know if this is a good thing, maybe it is. It certainly is for them. I don't really think the women change at all. They may learn to like the geeks in the house-- but I doubt they're all embracing of geeks in the real world. The best advice ever for a geek was given by male beauty Sam: just stop being a geek. Looking forward to Season Five!

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