Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oscar Nominations 2009: Interesting Facts

Just one last thought on the nominations. After the announcement I checked around the Oscar sites to see what people's predix were (I never look at these beforehand to allow for "some" surprise), and I noticed several sites put Diane Kruger as a possible Best Supporting Actress nominee for INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. When I thought about it, I realized, that this one nomination may have been enough to peak my interest in this year's noms, since (A.) INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS was my film of the year and (B.) This would have given INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS 9 total nominations, and therefore be in a three-way tie with AVATAR and THE HURT LOCKER for most nominations. But alas it wasn't meant to be.

I must admit, a look through the nominations did not offer much in terms of compelling interesting facts. The most glaring thing is the fact that three of the Best Picture nominees have between 2-3 total nominations... BLIND SIDE (Picture, Actress), AN EDUCATION (Picture, Actress, Adapted Screenplay), and A SERIOUS MAN (Picture, Original Screenplay). I started to look into the last time a Best Picture got that few nominations, and then I bored of the search, partially in anger (again!) over the fact that I wouldn't have to have bothered if AMPAS didn't pull their 10 nominees stunt. And seriously, if your movie only gets a nomination for Best Actress does it deserve to be nominated for Best Picture? It just comes across as a sad "also ran."

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