Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Classic Maltin

The new classic edition of the Leonard Maltin Guide is out! The fact that Maltin made good on his promise of updating every 5 years makes me happy in our uncertain (publishing and otherwise) world. It's considerably thicker than the first one and I suspect a larger size (width and height) might be required the third time around.

Most people I'm noticing feel the same way I do about this SECOND EDITION... we love the additions... but wish there were more. Ran across this blogger who lists some of the titles she noticed that were added (others that weren't): link to laurasmiscmusings.

As for me, I had hoped to see L'INFERNO (1911) in the new guide as it's (a) the oldest extant feature film and (b) readily available on DVD; but it hasn't made it yet. Films I've noticed that have made it into the new edition include the early Lubitsch titles (such as THE WILDCAT) and one of the four Best Picture nominees that had not previously been in either the classic or regular Maltin Guide: BAD GIRL (also, if I'm not mistaken the only Best Director Oscar-winner that had yet to make the Maltin Guide). So for Best Picture nominees that leaves (baring of course the NEW ones), three titles left: the two "lost" films which cannot be included unless they're found: THE WAY OF ALL FLESH (1927) and THE PATRIOT (1928); and EAST LYNNE (1930)-- which I thought only existed in a slightly incomplete form, but looking at the UCLA Film & Television Archive record it seems complete (and certainly extant, as it was shown in '93).

I'm glad too, that, following his introduction, Maltin has put out a new "25 Vintage Movies" to see list, and that it includes some foreign titles. (Even if THE WHISPERING CHORUS, which I recall as bad [!], is on it.)

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