Monday, February 1, 2010

What Film Will Get the Most Oscar Nominations?

Tomorrow morning at 5:38 AM PST, the Oscar nominations will be announced. It's time for the annual parlor game: What is your guess for the film that will get the most nominations? Last year it was THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON (garnering 13 nominations).

Here are the possible choices for this year:

AVATAR: A picture/director nominee lock, plus writing, song & score and ALL of the technical stuff; however, no costume, acting, or make-up prevent it from matching BENJAMIN BUTTON's nominations haul.

THE HURT LOCKER: Will easily nab Picture/Director/Best Actor, plus writing and all the technical stuff but not art direction, costume, music, or visual effects.

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, INVICTUS & PRECIOUS: Will each get a bunch of the "big" nominations, but will falter in the technical areas.

UP IN THE AIR: Also will get a number of the top noms, but will get little of the others, outside of music and editing. Its three likely acting noms, however make it a considerable contender.

JULIE & JULIA: Dark horse for a possible slew of noms, it will not likely get director, and certainly no techy stuff.

My pick is AVATAR, with THE HURT LOCKER and UP IN THE AIR in a tight battle for second place.

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