Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oscars Will Have Ten Best Picture Nominees in 2010

This announcement had me reeling today! It is a BAD idea and will serve no other purpose than to dilute the awards and lead them down the path of the Grammys and the Emmys, where they give so many out that they no longer have meaning. Ten Best Pic noms today, ten best director noms tomorrow, Best Voice-over performance, etc. It will never end if you open this can of worms.

The people who are all excited on the boards about how wonderful this is are not thinking clearly. This will NOT open up the race to a better mix of movies. The Academy is NOT going to suddenly nominate the likes of the SUPERBADs and THE DARK KNIGHTs. Who said that THE DARK KNIGHT placed 6-10 last year. It probably didn't. Do you think the Academy REALLY would have nominated THE WRESTLER for Best Picture?

In addition to the five nominated films (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, MILK, FROST/NIXON, ... BENJAMIN BUTTON, and THE READER) we'd more likely have...


and for the "surprise" nominee, December fav MARLEY & ME.

Trust me, if this thing goes through STAR TREK is NOT gonna be on that Best Picture list.

This is only going to muddy the waters. A Best Picture nomination won't carry half the weight (literally as the number is doubling). And it'll make the Best Animated Film category a complete joke, because there will probably be an animated movie stuck into that Best Picture category every year (after all its safe to nominate an animated film without the corresponding director and the voters are going to have to come up with FIVE of these). So when UP is on the Best Picture list it's not gonna take a genius to figure out it's gonna win Best Animated movie. And no, the Academy would also never put TWO animated movies up for best picture.

What's really got me riled up is this rule change is all about ratings for the show and not, as much as the Academy would like you to believe, or moviegoers would like to think, to honor excellence.

This idea is a TRAVESTY.

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