Friday, November 21, 2008

Rex Reed Grumpy about Oscars '69

Flipping the dial so-to-speak on You Tube, I came across a bitch-and-moan session by Rex Reed on the eve of the 1969/70 Oscars. Despite his bitterness, of course, Oscar went ahead and picked Midnight Cowboy as Best Picture that year despite Reed's assurances that Oscar wouldn't dare be that hip. He gets every pick WRONG, except John Wayne. Here is the first two parts of his appearance on The Dick Cavett Show (below). Even Cavett can't take him. "Isn't this fun folks?" he says at one point to the audience. And best of all is when Cavett says to Reed regarding Reed's complaining that the right people aren't given the Oscar, "If they're so silly what does it matter who wins them?"

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