Friday, November 7, 2008

The 30 Best Films Not Yet on DVD (Region 1)

This is a list of the best films I've seen that you can't get on your Netflix®, so check your TCM listings or rustle them up on video, because they're all classics.

1.) Greed
(1924; d. Erich von Stroheim)
2.) Napoleon
(1927; d. Abel Gance)
3.) The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg
(1927; d. Ernst Lubitsch)
4.) The Last Command
(1928; d. Josef von Sternberg)
5.) Street Angel
(1928; d. Frank Borzage)
6.) The Wind
(1928; d. Victor Seastrom)

7.) Westfront 1918
(1930; d. G. W. Pabst)
8.) La Chienne/ The Bitch
(1931; d. Jean Renoir)
9.) The Guardsman
(1931; d. Sidney Franklin)
10.) The Mouthpiece
(1932; d. Elliot Nugent, James Flood)
11.) Red Dust
(1932; d. Victor Fleming)
12.) Waltzes From Vienna
(1933; d. Alfred Hitchcock)
13.) The Merry Widow
(1934; d. Ernst Lubitsch)
14.) They Won’t Forget
(1937; d. Mervyn LeRoy)

15.) Night Train To Munich
(1940; d. Carol Reed)
16.) Man Hunt
(1941; d. Fritz Lang)
17.) The Magnificent Ambersons
(1942; d. Orson Welles)
18.) First Comes Courage
(1943; d. Dorothy Arzner)
19.) Five Graves To Cairo
(1943; d. Billy Wilder)
20.) A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
(1945; d. Elia Kazan)
21.) The Search (1948; d. Fred Zinnemann)

22.) Los Olvidados
(1950; d. Luis Bunuel)
23.) The African Queen
(1951; d. John Huston)
24.) The Big Sky
(1952; d. Howard Hawks)
25.) El/ This Strange Passion
(1952; d. Luis Bunuel)
26.) Five Fingers
(1952; d. Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
27.) The Incredible Shrinking Man
(1957; d. Jack Arnold)

28.) Chimes at Midnight
1966; d. Orson Welles)
29.) Antonio das Mortes
(1969; d. Glauba Rocha)
30.) Fedora
(1978; d. Billy Wilder)


Jeremy said...

It's a sin that so many Orson Welles films are not yet on DVD. I have never seen "Chimes at Midnight", and have only seen "The Magnificant Ambersons" once. I would love to do my director series on Orson Welles, but I don't feel I have viewed enough of his material to make it a deserving tribute. Curse you DVD people!!

Josh said...

"The Search" is one of the better anti-war films of all time, and is unjustly forgotten and unknown.