Friday, October 31, 2008

What Will Be the Halloween Costumes for 2008?

Happy Halloween!

Another Halloween-- and on Friday, so it'll be crazy. What will be the "big" costumes this year (for us adults)? The two obvious ones are Sarah Palin and Heath Ledger's Joker. And of course Barak Obama and John McCain, et. al.

I'm hearing that Amy Winehouse is a popular choice for the ladies (again).

What about the summer blockbusters outside of The Dark Knight? I bet they'll be a few (thin haired) Indiana Jones's out there. I think, unless you buy it. Iron Man will be a bit too complicated. I can easily see the ladies dusting off their Sex and the City duds from their summer movie outing. I can see a few goofball WALL•Es and Kung Fu Pandas coming out too-- but not many.

TV isn't giving us much in the way of Halloween costumes these days. Possibly a Mad Men contingent might form, although you'd have to have a group to really pull it off.


Jeremy said...

I'm going as an old favorite: Groucho Marx

Oneliner said...

Fun! I went with a TV classic: Uncle Fester. First time wearing a bald cap-- uncomfortable!