Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall TV Season 2008: Thoughts on the New Shows

Here are some of my random thoughts on the new TV season:

• FAMILY GUY will remain on my TV-viewing line roster; the CLEVELAND show has been pushed to '09. I watched THE SIMPSONS out of loyalty to many years of laughs but the premiere episode was weak; SOUTH PARK, too seemed off with its Spielberg/Lucas busting: was anyone really that upset about the new Indy movie?

• THE AMAZING RACE may have run it's course (couldn't resist). I'm sure I'll finish out the season, but it's relegated to "do other things while it plays in the background" -TV.

• MY OWN WORST ENEMY offers a nonsensical premise and although Slater is good, it's mumbo jumbo that I don't want to relieve week after week.

• CHUCK was on my "one-season-only" list but is getting a bit of a reprieve because it came up with a way to freshen itself on a weekly basis: guest stars.... I think I'll tune it a bit after all.

• WOSRT WEEK aka MEET THE PARENTS was OK but nothing a special.

• BOSTON LEGAL, if it does go off this season, will probably never have "jumped the shark" (although the "True Love" episode was probably the worst I've seen).

• TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES was never great but I love anything Terminator and it's relatively well done. If next summer's feature film doesn't improve the show's ratings though, it will probably get the axe.

• 90210 is not my genre. Neither is GOSSIP GIRL. I tried watching both to no avail (although GOSSIP GIRL had a certain something about it).

• Although I watched a bit of DIRTY SEXY MONEY last season, couldn't get through the premiere this year... it's all soap opera now.

• FRINGE seemed idiotic to me. Ugh!

• STAR WARS: CLONE WARS I love-- my favorite of the new shows. Well done adventures and true to the movies. It's got a perfect time slot for me too-- after getting home on Friday nights, it's the perfect nightcap.

• THE MENTALIST's Simon Baker says "Did you kill your _______" and I think: that's no "Just one more thing..."

• GARY UNMARRIED doesn't deserve it's good notices... I guess if you blare that laugh track enough you can cover up a bit, but not enough for me (although I do like Ed Begley Jr. in it).

• DO NOT DISTURB was not just bad, it was old-fashioned too.

• KNIGHT RIDER was derided by the critics but actually is a decent action show albeit for the 13-year-old boy set. I think it can't sustain it's hour length though.

• LIFE ON MARS was interesting enough to warrant another look, but I'm not sure if it'll make my rotation of shows.

• SURVIVOR:GABON proves that the old formula still works (despite what your co-workers say).

• KATH AND KIM was somewhat laughless but somehow I liked it. I doubt I'll be a regular watcher, but I might catch an episode here and there... kind of like a female TWO AND A HALF MEN in quality.

• THE OFFICE is back on track after a shaky final few episodes last season. Can't wait for the 10/30 debut of 30 ROCK.

• THE EX-LIST has that cute lead but I was shocked to discover it was an hour-long show...!

• SNL's political stuff is A+, and the rest? Not so good.


Shows I watch:
MON: Boston Legal, Terminator: TSCC
TU: n/a
WED: n/a
THURS: Survivor, The Office, 30 Rock, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, (SNL: Wknd Update Thursday)
FRI: SW: The Clone Wars
SU: Family Guy, The Amazing Race

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