Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Stealing First Base" Movie Kisses Montage on The Simpsons

Sarah Silverman guest-starred on The Simpsons episode "Stealing First Base" this past Sunday, and when her character kisses Bart a Cinema Paradiso-inspired flurry of images follows. A very sweet moment-- but how can you lose with that "Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso"? (Which was also played over the end credits.) There were fifteen "clips" in the montage: the "movies" scored 13 clips and TV got 2. Here's the bit from Hulu, plus the rundown.... framing isn't perfect on any of these, but just so you get the idea...

From Here to Eternity

Gone With the Wind

The Quiet Man

Lady and the Tramp

Planet of the Apes

On Golden Pond



Star Trek

Beauty and the Beast (TV series)-- couldn't find an exact match

The Public Enemy



The Godfather, Part II

All in the Family: "Sammy's Visit"


Ian L said...

Loved this episode, especially the montage with the music. Thanks for the thumbnail pic comparisons.

Craig said...

Just seen this episode and couldn't quite get all the references, thanks for this page so I could get the missing ones!

Lance said...

Thanks for the references because there were one or two I didn't get them...Iloved this episode...with two bits of genius, the koyanniqatsi bit and this collage....This is why the Simpsons are great!!

AndMax said...

Thanks for the references :-)