Sunday, March 7, 2010

82nd Annual Academy Awards

Another Oscars! Crazy that it's the 82nd-- wow have they been giving this thing out a long time. This year with the Olympics pushing the Awards, the show feels like some sort of weird after thought. This is one of the few times, however, that the Best Picture winner is up in the air (pun!). I put THE HURT LOCKER on my office ballot, but the more I think about it... an AVATAR sweep (with the sole exception of Bigelow as Best Director) has a certain likelihood to it. My predix are basically the favorites as listed in the Entertainment Weekly, except I think that Tarantino will be awarded the Best Original Screenplay Oscar over THE HURT LOCKER.

I have another reason to look forward to the closing credits (besides the 3+ show is finally OVER). ANd that relates to what I wrote in my last year's review of the show: "One of my favorite additions to the show was running sneak previews of several 2009 movies over the end credits-- I really, really hope this becomes a tradition. It would be a cool way to promote movies who are willing to “premiere” just a few tantalizing moments— I, for example, loved that they showed a few seconds from Woody Allen’s upcoming Whatever Works." We shall see.

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RC said...

I forgot about them showing that little preview last would be interested to re-watch and see if it captured some of these nominated films.